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Countryside Fallow Deer interiors tweed Tweed Taxidermy Heads

After a successful October meeting at Cheltenham Races, it's now back to our Gloucestershire interiors studio to continue with the commissions, first being a fallow deer. This commission is very special as the client has sent two tweed samples that she wanted me to incorporate, one is from her wedding!
1. To start I have to choose which materials will work together.
2. Once I've sorted through the different fabrics matching those that tone and complement best together, it's then a case of working out which pieces are to be positioned where.
As you can see, we had our resident Wizzer & Whitehead mascot helping the design process along! 
3. Before I attach the tweeds to the form, I have to make the ears. These are cut from a lead roll.
4. Once the ears have been cut out, I then begin fixing the tweeds in place. 
I absolutely love my time in the studio, there's nothing I enjoy more than seeing the textile taxidermy creations begin coming to life and I'm excited at the thought of showing the final creation with you all on our blog soon.
Keep your eye peeled! 
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