Our latest commission

I was delighted to be commissioned to make a very special piece for a customer. This bespoke taxidermy tweed deer head has been created with a specific colour scheme in mind. I wanted to share the handmade process in which I go through in my Gloucestershire interiors studio. 

 1. Having attach most of the tweed we then need to attach antlers by first drilling into the head form. 

2. The antlers are then drilled and a bolt is inserted.

3. Both are held in place by mixing an epoxy resin together, this takes about 12 hrs to harden so we have set up head to keep everything in the right place.

4. Once dry it's time to finish him off adding a nose and tying up everything else.

If you would be interest in a bespoke commission, please call 01452 780 819 to discuss your idea. 

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