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If you did and are visiting to take another look at something you spotted we hope you enjoy exploring our collections. If however you cannot find what you are looking for, please call me on 01452 780819 and it will be my pleasure to help.
As many of our pieces are bespoke, we don't always get chance to add them to the website!
Liz Whitehead x
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Wizzer & Whitehead was established in 2007 by Elizabeth Whitehead; her vision was to encapsulates the best of the Great British countryside through exquisitely tailored tweed clothing and accessories. In Spring 2015 Wizzer & Whitehead retired from Tweed retail and launched their first interiors line with collections to compliment the existing British theme, with further inspiration taken from our wonderful sporting heritage. 

We retired from retail in 2019 and Liz has now launched Wizzer Pottery,  whilst Chris has gone back to rekindle his love for working with wood, all of which can be purchased in shop the collections and hope that you enjoy exploring the world of Wizzer & Whitehead.